Intellectual Outputs

Our projectgoals are pursued through the following Intellectual Outputs:

Intellectual Output 1. Scout Analysis for Job Requirements, it’s an on line self assessment which adapts the framework of Digital Competences 2.0 to the needs of long-term unemployed migrants/adults, to foster their digital competences, in particular those needed to implement work-related activities as well as, to set learning goals and easily identify tailored training opportunities. The output is a transparency path capable of evaluating “digital-literacy” competences within the European framework of Digital Competences 2.0.

Overall report IO1

Intellectual Output 2. Massive Capability for Online Courses, The educational pathway of aIMS(M) will be designed and implemented in blended-mode according to the flipped-classroom logic. The theoretical and procedural aspects will be delivered through the MOOC courses, while the experiential laboratories of capabilities empowerment will allow to experience a collaborative peer to peer learning process. This output is an educational pathway for the enhancement, capitalisation and upskilling of digital competences within the Digital Competences 2.0 and adjusted to the needs of long-term unemployed, low-skilled migrants and adults.

This is the link to the MOOC we develloped: 

Intellectual Output 3. Pilot the Validation process. the third output will basically represent the true-objectification of aIMS(M) pathway, which basically means the collection of evidences and appreciative references in support of the recognition of the learning outcomes. Trainers too need to be trained on how to teach people coming from other countries, cultures and societies, to gain new skills and better be integrated to their society. A train-the-trainer model enables experienced personnel to show a less-experienced instructor how to deliver courses, workshops and seminars. Tools that concern not only what to teach but also how to teach to migrants, will extend their competences. The planned “Train-the-trainer” actions, will strengthen of educator’s professional profile through providing quality continuing training on key competencies and skills.

Report Capability labs

Intellectual Output 4. The workshops and the Guidelines wants to give to staff members and teachers the instruments to talk and interact with public administrations and other beneficiaries. It is the moment to test the effective result and efficiency of the previous outputs. It is aimed to be a useful tool in the hands of employees and learners. 

Completes Guidelines (English)